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November Social Hour: Diwaloween!

I apologize for the delay of this blog post. It is long overdue, but I am technically not too late yet–because our last Social Hour for the semester is tomorrow. And it’s Holiday themed! But coming back to the November one, here’s the breakdown of what went down.

On a chilly Friday evening, students of the iSchool came together on a special day, not just to celebrate Diwali (the Indian festival of lights) but because students from all over the Pitt campus came together to laugh, to share,  and of course, to eat. What’s more? We danced. Oh yes, this was not your regular karaoke type of social hour, we went all out. BOLLYWOOD STYLE.

The iSchool along with ANKUR (the Indian graduate Association on campus) hosted one of our biggest social events of over 150 people in attendance. Staying true to the Indian Festivities, we had an abundance of authentic Indian food, snacks, and desserts– leaving everyone in a food coma, to say the least.

Not forgetting about Halloween either, we had a face painting competition to bring out the artists in everyone. The results exceeded beyond our expectations! Now add some Bollywood moves to the mix and our Social Hour concludes. Thanks to all the students and faculty who came and a shout-out to everyone who participated in the competitions!  Check out all the fun below 🙂

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PC: Pushkar Sane